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Legend of Keepers Cheats

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The following are all the Legend of Keepers achievements and how you can unlock them:


Who’s the Champion now!

Kill a Champion.


I’ve got the power!

Gather 5 Artefacts during a game.


Run for your life!

Make 3 heroes flee.


Raining Blood!

Apply 20 stacks of “Bleeding” to a single hero.


It’s a trap!

Kill 3 heroes simultaneously with a trap.


A real monster!

Upgrade a monster to max level.


3 birds 1 stone

Kill 3 heroes with a single attack.


True denial

Finish a game without seeing the Therapist.


Family’s strength

Use only the same type of monsters during a dungeon.


Expert recruiter

Recruit 5 rare monsters with the Headhunter.


Mischief managed

Steal 10 Artefacts from the Collector.


All Hail, Golthor!

Summon 10 monsters in front of the Ninth Door.


The root of all evil

Complete all missions with the Enchantress.



Complete all missions with the Slaveholder.


Mind over muscles

Complete all missions with the Engineer.


Well, that was easy

Complete level 5 of Ascension Mode with any Master.


This is getting interesting

Complete level 10 of Ascension Mode with any Master.


I’m the Boss

Complete level 15 of Ascension Mode with any Master.


Am I… a God?

Complete level 20 of Ascension Mode with any Master.


Never tired of it

Reach 260 weeks in Endless Mode.


Looking for something?

Unlock 25 Artefacts at the Archivist.


Playing with toys

Unlock 35 Artefacts at the Archivist.


Spoiled child

Unlock 45 Artefacts at the Archivist.


Morning routine

Reach 156 weeks in Endless Mode.


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