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How to Supply Armies in Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)

How to Supply Armies in Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)

Supplying Armies

Armies require the following military supplies:


  • Provisions to feed the soldiers,


  • Forage to feed the horses,


  • Small arms and artillery ammunition,


  • Fresh horses, new weapons, and artillery to replace losses,


  • Uniforms.


You can see the supply state of your armies in the unit panel. The supplies percentage shows how many of the required supplies the unit is receiving as per current consumption.


  • Consumption determines the number of supplies consumed from the stores.


  • Supply from the depot determines how many of the required supplies are coming from nearby supply depots. Supplies from depots arrive much faster, without restrictions of the’ IIP transport capacity.


  • Local supply means units are foraging the surrounding area. The supplies are, in this case, collected from the nearest IIPs to which the unit will automatically attach. This supply rate depends on the transport capacity of the IIPs and will create local demand, which the economy will then try to fulfill. As a. rule of thumb, smaller armies may live off the land, but larger armies cannot be supplied with local supply only.


  • Reinforcements needed indicate how many men are absent from the units’ full strength in total.


  • Weekly reinforcements indicate how many men the unit is receiving each week to reinforce depleted units. During the early war, the number of reinforcements will remain low as the States preferred raising new regiments instead of reinforcing already formed ones. The speed of reinforcements will increase with drafting.


How to Supply Armies in Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)


When raiding, units will forage with great efficiency, and at times can live off the land. When conquering enemy territory, it takes some time to get the captured infrastructure working for the new owner’s military effort. For this reason, deep thrusts into enemy territory may result in severe supply shortages and attrition. The image above shows a chokepoint for the flow of supplies: a ferry (with low transport capacity to start with) has recently changed hands or been raided and is currently working with only 2% efficiency. Any unit attached to this IIP would be unable to receive a flow of supplies and would soon face a severe supply shortage.


Remember, using transportation subsidies will increase the transport capacity of IIPs, which will also make resupplying your units more effective.


The supply stores of the unit are shown as icons for ammunition, provisions, and forage. When stores are consumed, the number of icons will decrease. To indicate shortages. If the unit runs low on ammo, morale will suffer, and the troops will have less ammunition available during battles. If food runs out, the condition starts to suffer, increasing sickness and desertion. If there are supply-related alerts, these will be shown, along with a tooltip, in the situation-line of the panel as red icons.


If the armies have issues with keeping supplies, moving them near better infrastructure and depots will help. Remember, where a normal road has a transport capacity of one, a railroad will increase this by a factor of ten! This means that railroad IIPs will be ten times more efficient in supplying the demand created by the armies and their consumption of supplies.


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