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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Save Game Data & File Location

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Save Game Data & File Location

You can find your local campaign save files in the ‘game’s: install folder, by following this path: \Grand Tactician The Civil War (1861-1865)\Campaigns1001 \X\ Where the X is the campaign.scenario A-E A = Spring 1861, B = Summer 1861, C = Spring 1862, D = Spring 1863, E = Spring 1864. The save files are found in their folders:


Save = automatically saved progress, the autosave. The game automatically saves progress as per the setting in the options menu. The automatically saved game is always in the folder “save.”


Save DD MM YYYY JII-LMM_SS = manually saved progress, with the folder name formed using time of saving Day_Month_Year_Hours_Minutesfieconds. ,


You can find your local historical battle save files in the game’s install folder by following this path: \Grand Tactician The Civil War (1861-1865)\Battlefields\XXX\Y\ XXX is the scenario (battlefield) number, and Y is the sub-battle:


  • ‘000\A = First Manassas


  • 0131A = Chickamauga


  • 000\B = Second Manassas


  • 014\A = Wilson’s Creek


  • 001\A = Shiloh


  • 0151.A. = Pea Ridge


  • 003\A = Chancellorsville


  • 019\A = Perryville


  • 004\A = Wilderness


  • 021\A = Appomattox


  • 005\A = Gettysburg


  • 022\A = Glorieta Pass 0


  • 07\A = Antietam


  • 024\A = Bentonville


  • 009\A = New Market


  • 0271A = Olustee


The individual saves are found in folders named using the same convention as the campaign saves above. The game also records game events and player’s input in a log. This can be found at:

\Grand Tactician The Civil War (1861-1865)\scenelogtxt


If you encounter crashes or bugs with the game, please don’t hesitate to contact the development team. It will be helpful to describe the issue you are having and accompany the report with a save (for example, zip compress the whole save folder in question) where the issue can be seen, a screenshot, if relevant, and the scenelog.


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