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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Fleet Status

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Fleet Status

The status of the fleets can be seen on the map in the unit’s NATO symbol. The additional indicators show what the unit is currently doing. Following indicators are used for fleets:


  • Defensive fleets will not engage enemy fleets or forts, except if engaged themselves.


  • Offensive fleets will engage enemies within their combat radius and reinforce fleets in naval battles within their command radius.


  • Engaged fleets are fighting and are unresponsive to orders, except in case of fort bombardments, during which the fleet will follow orders, but its speed is minimal (except if the fleet has Battery Runner perk).


  • When a fleet is patrolling, it will either be stationary in an ordered location or move continuously between assigned waypoints. The combat radius of the fleet is increased, and it will reinforce other naval battles.


  • If a fleet is blockading, all enemy ports within the command radius are considered blocked. You can see the effectiveness of the blockade in the port tooltip. If enemy fleets are present, they will reduce the effect of the blockade. Blockading fleets can be moved, but they are slower.


  • When raiding, a shark symbol is shown. Raiding fleets will have a slightly shorter command radius.


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