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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Debt

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Whenever your treasury can not cover the expenses, new debt needs to be issued. Remember that the surplus-value shown in the Top Bar and Finances is a projected value for the whole year: If you have $2 million in the treasury and a projected surplus of 5 million dollars for the coming year, you will only have $2 million to use. Any further expenses will need to be covered by debt.


Debt is issued automatically as bonds or loans. You can see the total outstanding debt and the interest rate in the economic data of the Finances-panel. When a new debt is issued, or an old debt is paid off, you will receive a telegram informing you about the transaction. Find the telegrams in the Dispatch log. Information about current debt and interest rates is given in the monthly economic report as well.


When the amount of debt increases, more money is required to pay the interest, and this will hurt your credit rating in the long run. If the economy deteriorates, the citizens’ wealth will decrease. and unemployment will increase, leading to a loss of support.


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