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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Weather

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Weather and temperature affect the battlefield and the troops. Current weather is shown in the Top Panel (1), with the tooltip (2) providing additional information about the effects. Weather can change dynamically during the battle.


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The terrain will be covered in frost or snow during winter and freezing temperatures, and water will freeze into ice. Troops can cross the ice, so water is no longer an obstacle.


Visibility will be hindered in foggy or rainy weather. Rain softens the terrain, making troop movements slower and increasing fatigue. Smoke will not linger, blocking visibility, and weapons will suffer more misfires, reducing firepower. Artillery fire will not be as effective as during dry weather, as the damp ground may cause round shots to sink in the ground instead of bouncing and skipping along the field. Explosive shells may also sink in the mud, reducing the effectiveness of fragments. During extremely hot days, troops will suffer fatigue.


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