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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Reinforcements

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Reinforcements can arrive for both sides during the battle. The campaign situation in campaign battles determines reinforcements. In historical battles, Reinforcements arrive according to the historical situation.


Reinforcements arrive via Entry Points (1) that are the main routes in/out of the battlefield. If the enemy captures the Entry Point your Reinforcements were trying to reach, they will need to re-route to another Entry Point, which will increase the delay. You will be notified via Dispatch when Reinforcements arrive.


To see when Reinforcements are estimated to reach the field, see the Order of Battle panel, where unarrived units are shown ghosted, and the tooltip gives more information. The Reinforcement delay can also be seen in the Condition Report (3)


When near the battlefield, Reinforcements are counted in the Victory Balance and affect the army commander’s decision to continue fighting or retreat. If the battle ends before a Reinforcing unit has arrived, said the unit will riot suffer the morale and other penalties suffered by the rest of the army, and in case of defeat, is not forced to retreat.


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