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How to Capture Guns in Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)

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Capturing Guns

When artillery units suffer casualties or rout, they will leave guns behind. These artillery pieces can be captured using your infantry. Select a unit that has not detached another detachment, like skirmishers, and right-click on an abandoned gun when the cursor shows a hitching cursor (1). A small detachment (2) will be deployed from the unit, and it will move to the guns to capture them.


If successful, the detachment will man the guns and act as a small artillery unit (3) using the captured weapons and ammunition (4) against their previous owners.


After the battle, the detachment will hand over the captured guns to the ordnance officer of their unit, and the captured guns are added to your nation’s pool of weapons. If you capture weapon types you previously did not have access to; you may use them to equip your units if a sufficient amount of said guns are available.


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