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Settlement Survival Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks


Settlement Survival is a new and banished-inspired city builder game. During gameplay, the players lead a team of survivors, and the team searches for new homes. There are many tasks you must accomplish to get to the next level in this game. In typical skill game fashion, the player controls the landscapes. You may also have to manage supplies, plant crops, hunt different animals, and gather different resources. Trade routes are also important in Settlement Survival.


A prosperous, well-organized town depends on effective trading routes. This article describes some of the game’s essentials that will surely help beginners. For those just learning about this game or new to it, we recommend reading this guide.



1.  Build Your City at Right Place

  • Building your city is pretty intuitive if you know where to make it. Most of the time, looking for a location with abundant water and resources will be your top priority.


  • Even if your terrain might seem to be traversed, make sure that it is entirely flat, or your citizens will have to walk completely around the obstacle, which is not feasible in all cases.


  • You can build tunnels to travel through mountains. If you do not invest 3 Development Points under ‘Sand Mining,’ you will only be able to transform one area at a time. So be prepared to be stuck with your current landscape for a while.



2.  Keep an Eye on Water Resources

  • As you adjust your water production, keep a close eye on your water reserves. If you stop producing water, your town will run out pretty fast, so if you stop providing it, the resources will decrease rapidly, and you will have more room to store it.


  • Different outdoor storage spaces can also be constructed beside each well and set to allow only water. It makes it unnecessary to keep water in the remainder of the warehouses.



3.  Earning Coins

If you have excess items, you can sell them at the grocery store. The process will result in silver in the long run. Maybe you should try selling it on the ferry, which requires a quay. Structures like this must be partially installed on land and partially on water.



4.  Heal Injuries

You need to heal your injuries quickly if you get an injury in the game. A bandage is necessary to maximize healing. Taking your time will result in a longer healing time.



5.  Tips for Progression

  • It is crucial to advance in the tech trees. Adding 50 tools to the fields is also a huge step. It would be best to ensure that Fertile Fields, and later Plantations, are replaced with regular fields.


  • For the best crop yields, keep enough animals on pastures to produce fertilizer from their dung. Ensure there is ample space for storage near your fields.


  • It would help you to store essential things. Your field will be incredibly productive if you locate your initial settlement near an area that provides field buffs.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please let us know if you think we missed anything important in the comments section. We will update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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