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Far Cry 6 Guide – Best Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

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Despite its similarities to its predecessors, Far Cry 6 has plenty of new things to offer the players. The latest game has a handful of systems for newcomers as well as veterans alike. Our guide to Far Cry 6 will provide you with the best strategies, tips, and tricks on becoming the best guerrilla.


This guide shows you how to modify your weapons, use the supremos’ weapons, and explore the terrain. Here are some tips, strategies, and tricks to help you enjoy the Far Cry 6 edition to its fullest.



1.  Locate the Most Vital Resources

  • There are various containers and animals to loot and harvest in Far Cry 6. Even though collecting scrap metal and other parts from multiple buildings is essential, it is also crucial that you know the correct place to locate more valuable materials.


  • To upgrade your weapons, you’ll need gunpowder and supremo-bond, so be sure to identify them at a Workbench.


  • You can also buy compelling supremo items from Juan using Depleted Uranium, which only appears in certain places. So, you should know how to locate the most vital resources in the Far Cry 6 game.



2.  Alter the Fire Rate

  • Guns like shotguns can fire various numbers of bullets with each trigger pull, unlike firearms that fire predictable numbers. Changing your rate of fire can alter how certain guns operate, allowing you to customize them to change your preferences. So, you must know how to modify the fire rate.


  • You can adjust your fire rate by using your weapon wheel. Whenever a particular weapon, like a rifle, is highlighted, you will notice a white button in the center of the screen.


  • You can cycle through different fire rates for a weapon by pressing the highlighted button. Some rifles can shoot a single bullet, three bullets in a burst, or fire in fully automatic mode, so you should choose them as per your choice.



3.  Vehicles

  • As part of Far Cry 6, you’ll receive a free vehicle upon starting the game, but you’ll also be able to add more vehicles as the game proceeds. Far Cry 6 features a wide variety of vehicles, but you cannot collect them by driving them.


  • The next time you find a vehicle that interests you, place it at a vehicle drop-off point; this will allow you to summon and customize the vehicle as you desire.


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4.  Ensure to Customize Your Weapons

  • Far Cry 6 emphasizes customization much more than the previous edition of the Far Cry series. The entire guerilla theme of the game is embraced, with customized weapons and the ability to generate new ones from the beginning.


  • There aren’t many free resources in the game, and the number of mod slots is also less for each weapon. Therefore, you should pay specific attention to the upgrades while customizing your weapons.


  • If you want Stealthy weapons, ensure they require suitable silencers, so save up for them. However, buying a good scope can transform your rifle into a practical sniper rifle if you want long-range combat.



5. Amigos

  • Companions are available in Far Cry 6, similar to the Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire systems in prior games. These animals, known as amigos, may be summoned to fight alongside the powerful Far Cry 6 weaponry at your disposal.


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  • Each Amigo has different requirements to unlock new abilities. Go to your main menu > Amigos menu > highlight the companion you want to inspect > and then hit the details button to see their progress. You may learn about each Amigo’s core skill, as well as the criteria and progress needed to unlock their three extra powers, in this menu.


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