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Definitely Not Fried Chicken Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks

Definitely Not Fried Chicken Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a business simulator game where you run a drug empire behind legit storefronts like a laundromat and even a fried chicken joint. That means in order to succeed in this game, you’re going to need to effectively run two businesses at once.


The game gives you complete control over both businesses, letting you design and manage production lines, hire workers, and earn cash. With the tips contained in this guide, you’ll bring in customers, legitimize your business, and become a top drug lord in no time.



Getting Legit with Laundromats

To get started with your double-business venture, you’ll need to start a new game. If you’re new to the game, it’s recommended to play the tutorial first to learn the basics. It will walk you through the major gameplay features you need to know.


When starting out, it’s important to ignore the factory (where you do all the illegal stuff) and focus on operating legit businesses. To begin, invest in a small plot of land that is favorable for a laundromat, such as Center Lane. This plot of land is ideal and only costs $3000. To run your laundromat, you will need a business license. Upgrade it to Level 3 for added benefits such as an extra service rating star, access to fast dryers and washers, and access to added revenue streams.


Once you have a plot of land and a business license, you can start building your first laundromat to generate passive legal income. Construction costs should be around $5000-$6000, and operational costs between $65 and $100 in daily employee salaries. A single simple 3-star laundromat should earn you around $700 to $900 per day.


To increase revenue and customer satisfaction, it’s important to build a customer bathroom. Include a detergent self-service that your staff can sell to customers, and add up-sell options such as gumball and magazine stands. An employee at the register will also help to turn away any loiterers looking for drugs and ensure that legit customers can use your services. Finally, use fast washers and dryers to ensure high-customer turnover and satisfaction. These units cost more, but they net more revenue and make customers happy by completing their laundry quickly.



Acquiring Customers & Employees

As you expand your operation, you’ll need to hire staff to keep things running smoothly and make sure the cash keeps rolling in. But hiring and keeping staff isn’t cheap, so you’ll need to make sure you’re making enough dough to cover their wages and keep them happy.


To get started, you’ll need to set up a hotline by going to the “monuments” icon in the top left corner of your screen. Once you’ve got that set up, you’ll start getting orders that you can fulfill by clicking on the order icon on the map and sending a delivery to the customer. Keep an eye out for timed orders, as you’ll need to complete them within a set time limit. As you make more money, you can upgrade your hotline to receive even more orders, but it’s best to hold off on that until you can afford to get a car for faster deliveries.


Definitely Not Fried Chicken Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks


You can also use your legit businesses to generate more income. When you establish a new business, set it to “open” and customers will use it during the designated opening hours.


To keep your staff happy and motivated, you’ll need to provide them with the necessary facilities, such as a break room with a TV and sofa for entertainment, a coffee machine for refreshment, and sleeping quarters for rest.



Building your Workforce

When it comes to building your workforce in Definitely Not Fried Chicken, it’s important to have a variety of staff to handle both the legal and illegal aspects of your operation. To help you make informed hiring decisions, here’s a breakdown of the types of staff available and what they bring to the table:


Workers: These guys handle a variety of tasks, from working on specific narcotics to loading vehicles and manning the cash register. Each worker will cost you $500 to hire, plus $5 per hour worked.


Engineers: These are your go-to guys for keeping your equipment in tip-top shape. They’ll fix any equipment that needs to be maintained within a certain room group. Engineers will set you back $750 per hire and $6 per hour worked.


Cleaners: These staff are responsible for keeping your operation clean and tidy by picking up trash and cleaning dirty floors within a certain room group. You can hire a cleaner for $350 and $4 per hour worked.


Guards: These are the muscle of your operation, responsible for protecting your products and keeping the peace. They can be armed with a baseball bat at the beginning of the game, but as you progress you can arm them with more deadly weapons. Each guard will cost you $800 to hire and $7 per hour worked.


It’s worth noting that you don’t need to have cleaners and engineers on all day. You can set them to have a day full of breaks and only enable them in the schedule when you need them, saving you money at the cost of a bit more micromanagement.


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