Controls for Zumbi Blocks 2 - MGW

Controls for Zumbi Blocks 2

Controls for Zumbi Blocks 2

Here’s a handy rundown of all the default keyboard commands and shortcuts for playing Zumbi Blocks 2 on your PC. Don’t worry about memorizing them all at once – this quick guide is here for you to glance at whenever you need to jog your memory!!



Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

  • Move forward: W


  • Move back: S


  • Move left: A


  • Move right: D


  • Jump: Space


  • Run: LShift


  • Roll: LeftCtrl


  • Shoot: LeftMouse


  • Aim: RightMouse


  • Melee Attack: F


  • Reload: R


  • Interact: E


  • Inventory: Tab


  • Holster: Q


  • Shoulder swap: C


  • Change camera mode: V


  • Select main gun: 1


  • Select pistol: 2


  • Select melee: 3


  • Select throwable: 4


  • Select healing item: 5


  • Select consumable: 6


  • Map: M



Default Control Scheme

Controls for Zumbi Blocks 2


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