MXGP 2020 – Xbox One & Xbox Series X Controls


Xbox One & Xbox Series X Controls

You can Customize the layout of your controller from the Options menu in-game. The default controls for MXGP 2020 on Xbox One & Xbox Series X are:


Accelerate – RT

Front Brake / Reverse – LT

Steer Left – Left Stick Left

Steer Right – Left Stick Right

Gear Up – B

Gear Down – X

Rear Brake – A

Weight Backward – Right Stick Down

Weight Forward – Right Stick Up

Weight Left – Right Stick Left

Weight Right – Right Srick Right

View Back – Y

Next Camera – D-Pad Up

Previous Camera – D-Pad Down

View Right – D-Pad Right

View Left – D-Pad – Left

Clutch – LB

Rewind – RB

Push-to-talk – Right Stick (Hold)

Tear Off – View Button


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