Subnautica: Below Zero Xbox Series X and Series S Cheats - MGW

Subnautica: Below Zero Xbox Series X and Series S Cheats

Subnautica: Below Zero Xbox Series X and Series S Cheats

At the start of the game, press X + A + RB + LB simultaneously to open the ‘Dev Console’ screen. Then, enter one of the following codes (without the quotes) to activate the corresponding effect. Note: All cheats will be disabled when you exit the game.



Cheats & Console Commands


  • invisible – Aggressive fauna won’t attack you.


  • nosurvival – Disables hunger and thirst.


  • nodamage – Makes you invulnerable.


  • noenergy – Provides unlimited power for bases, vehicles, and items.


  • nocost – Allows free fabricating.


  • fastscan – The scanner registers new subjects almost instantly.


  • oxygen – Grants infinite oxygen.


  • kill – Instantly kills your character.


  • fastgrow – Planted seeds grow instantly.


  • fastbuild – Increases base building speed.


  • weather – Disables weather events (e.g., blizzards, energy storms) and sets the outside temperature to 22°C.


  • speed (#) – Sets the game speed multiplier. For example, using 2 would double the game speed, while 0.5 would halve it. Useful for setting up screenshots.


  • daynightspeed (#) – Changes the speed of the day/night cycle. A value of 1 is the default, 2 doubles the speed, and 0.5 halves it.


  • day – Sets the time to noon.


  • night – Sets the time to midnight.


  • spawn_hoverbike – Spawns a rideable hoverbike.


  • spawn_seatruck or spawn_seamoth – Spawns a sea truck.


  • madloot – Provides some useful items.


  • clearinventory – Deletes all items from your inventory.


  • item (Item name) (amount) – Spawns specific items in your inventory. For example: item copperwire 10.


  • spawn (Item name) (amount) – Spawns specific items in front of you. For example: spawn seaglide 1.


  • unlockall – Unlocks all blueprints.


  • bobthebuilder – Activates the effects of several commands: fastbuild, unlockall, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch, radiation, and adds the Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife, and Repair Tool to your inventory.


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