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WWE 2K23 Controls Guide (Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)


The roar of the crowd rings loud in my ears. The spotlights over the ring are almost too bright and cause sparks to dance across my vision when I shield my eyes. My entrance music plays, and I strut my stuff down the path to the ring as both cheers and jeers meld into a cacophony of indecipherable tone. This is it, my big break. I’m finally a WWE wrestler.


This is usually the part where I wake up.


I’m just a regular guy. I’m not supremely jacked and my personality isn’t larger than life. But, growing up watching wrestling did create a part of me that wishes it could be a part of that world. Thankfully, 2K and developer Visual Concepts create a yearly wrestling game that gets me as close to that dream as possible, and WWE 2K23 seems like it is the best version of that dream yet.


And if you’re an Xbox gamer, you’re in for an awesome experience. Whether you game on the Series S or X, WWE 2K23 has impressive graphics & smooth gameplay that will satisfy even the biggest wrestling fan. If you’re hoping to be the next big thing in wrestling, you’ll need to have all of the controls fully memorized, which isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do. But worry not! I’m here with the WWE 2K23 Xbox console control guide, which has everything you need to know. Better yet, all of that information is well-organized and laid out in a manner that is conducive to quick peeks mid-match or whenever you might need it.


I’d recommend keeping this page open for those occasions. You never know when you’ll need to get out of a tough situation and the correct button just slips your mind!



Controls / Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Control Scheme WWE 2K23


  • Wake Up Taunt: D-Pad Up


  • Taunt Crowd: D-Pad Left


  • Taunt Opponent: D-Pad Right


  • Change Payback: D-Pad Down


  • Pause: Menu Button


  • Move: Left Stick


  • Change Target: R3


  • Grab: B


  • Reversal: Y


  • Block: Y (Hold)


  • Light Attack: X


  • Heavy Attack: A


  • Pin: Right Stick Down


  • Pick Up Object: LB


  • Re-position Opponent: Right Stick D-Pad Up, Left and Right


  • Payback: RT + Y


  • Submission: RT + B


  • Signature: RT + X


  • Finisher: RT + A



Advanced Controls


After Grab (B):

  • Light Grapple Attacks: Left Stick Any Direction + X


  • Heavy Grapple Attacks: Left Stick Any Direction + A


  • Irish Whip: Left Stick Any Direction + B


  • Strong Irish Whip: Left Stick Any Direction + Hold B




  • After Light Attack (X), continue pressing X / A / B to perform a combo




  • During Opponent’s Grab or Combo, press X / A / B to counter an attack of the same type




  • Initiate Carry (After Pressing Circle to Grab): RB + Left Stick


  • Interrupt into Carry (While Performing a Qualifying Grapple): Press RB


  • Environmental Attack: Press X From Carry


  • Slam: Press A From Carry


  • Throw Over Ropes / Off Stage: Press B From Carry


  • Escape Carry (As Defender): Tap B Repeatedly


  • Change Carry Position: Right Stick any direction


  • Powerbomb: RB + Left Stick Up


  • Cradle: RB + Left Stick Down


  • Fireman’s Carry: RB + Left Stick Left


  • Shoulder Carry: RB + Left Stick Right




After Grab (A):

  • Initiate Drag (While in a Grab): LB


  • Release Drag (While Dragging): LB


  • Move (While Dragging): Left Stick


  • Environmental Attack (While Dragging): X


  • WHIP: B


  • Escape Drag (As Defender): Tap B Repeatedly




  • Pick Up Object: LB


  • Grab Object From under the Ring (At Apron): LB


  • Climb Ladder: RB


  • Primary Attack: X


  • Secondary Attack / Place Object: A


  • Drop Object: B


  • Block: Y (Hold)


  • Lift Opponent onto Table (Facing Opponent Leaning against Table): Right Stick Up


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