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WWE 2K20 Cage Match Controls

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Cage Match Controls

A cage match is usually booked for a feud with one wrestler running away or other individuals running in to help a wrestler. As a result, the initial purpose of a cage is to keep the wrestlers in and outside interference out. However, the match is also no-disqualification, allowing the wrestlers to use the cage as a weapon (such as throwing an opponent into the cage wall), do bumps off the top of the cage (such as the famous splash in Madison Square Garden Jimmy Snuka), or use weapons that allies throw over the top of the cage. If the door is not locked, outsiders may enter through the door and interfere (which is supposed to defeat the whole purpose of having a cage match but has proved quite effective in getting heels over).



Climb Ladder/Cage/Cell:

PS4: R1


Xbox One: RB



Call For The Door:

PS4: Down on D-Pad, then R1 + LS Down


Xbox One: Down on D-Pad, then RB + LS Down



Attack A Climber:

PS4: Square


Xbox One: X


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