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WWE 2K20 – Carry & Dragging Controls

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Carry & Dragging Controls

The Carry System allows players to carry, drag and pick opponents and place them wherever you want or execute offensive moves from the carry position. The four carry positions are cradle, shoulder, fireman’s carry or powerbomb. Here is the control scheme;


Action PS4 Xbox One
Drag Opponent Hold R2 + Tap X Hold RT + Tap A
Lift into Carry Position Hold R2 + Right Analogue Stick Hold RT + Right Analogue Stick
Move Around Carry Left Analogue Stick Left Analogue Stick
Change Position in Carry Right Analogue Stick Right Analogue Stick
Switch to Front Facelock in Drag X A
Throw Over Ropes in Drag X + Left Analogue Stick A + Left Analogue Stick
Finish Grapple in Carry X A
Environmental Attack Square + Left Analogue Stick X + Left Analogue Stick
Release Carry L1 LB
Escape from Carry O B


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