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ELEX 2 Controls for PS4, PS5 & Xbox

ELEX 2 Controls for PS4, PS5 & Xbox

In Elex 2, you step into the shoes of Commander Jax, a legendary hero from the world of Magalan who’s been out of the spotlight for a while. Your big task?? Bring together all the different groups on the planet to fight off a new enemy called the Skyands. As you play, you’re not just going to dive deep into Magalan’s past – you’ll also figure out what role Jax plays in all this crazy stuff going on… The game is packed with lots of stories that will help fill in the blanks left by the first game. But, before you get too deep into it, you’ve got to get a handle on the controls.


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a rundown of all the controls you’ll need for both the PS4 & PS5, as well as for Xbox:



PS4, PS5 & Xbox Controls Controls

PS5 Xbox Controls
Left Stick L Move
R R Look around/aim
X A Jump/Sneak (hold)
L2 LT Jet pack
O B Dodge/Sprint (hold)
R2 RT Attack
R1 RB Kick/Shield Bash/Reload
L1 LB Block
D-pad Up D-pad Up Flashlight
Y Quick access (hold)
X Interaction
Touch Change View button Character menu
D-pad down D-pad down Equipment menu
D-pad left D-pad left Missions
D-pad right D-pad right Map
Options button Menu Main Menu



Some Final Thoughts

Elex 2 is awesome because you can do a bunch of really cool stuff. Like, you can team up with the Albs, who were the main bad guys in the first game. There’s also this group of people who are all about death and worship the God of Oblivion, and joining them lets you play as a Death Knight-type character. The game’s packed with all these neat details, just waiting for you to check them out…


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