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Ghostwire Tokyo Controls for PS4 & PS5

Ghostwire Tokyo Controls for PS4 & PS5

This section of the Ghostwire Tokyo game guide describes controls in the PS4 & PS5 version of the game. We have prepared a list of all the buttons used in Ghostwire Tokyo for PlayStation 4 & 5.


  • Movement: Left Stick


  • Rotate Camera: Right Stick


  • Sprint: L3


  • Strike Attack (Melee): R3


  • Attack: R2


  • Charged Attack: R2 (hold)


  • Aim Assist: L2 (hold)


  • Jump: X


  • Crouch and Stand: Circle (toggle)


  • Switch Consumable: Triangle


  • Use Consumable: Triangle (hold)


  • Spectral Vision: Square (once unlocked)


  • Guard: L1 (time for Perfect Block)


  • Cycle Elements: R1


  • Attack Wheel: R1 (hold)


  • Quick Purge: L2 (when sneaking up on an enemy)


  • Grab Core: L2 (hold when triggered)


  • Absorb Distant Ether: L2 (hold)


  • Toggle Flashlight: D-Pad Up


  • Switch to Bow or Ethereal Attacks: D-Pad Down


  • Switch Talisman: D-Pad Left


  • Pause Menu: Options


  • Game Menu: Touchpad


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