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The Riftbreaker Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Where to Start

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Riftbreaker is an all-new Action Role Playing game that also adds a whole new level of adventure into it. The theme is futuristic, and you need to survive your way by building things. Basically, you are playing as a Commando-Scientist that is inside a robot, giant. When trying the game out, many gamers will require support. Here you will find the Riftbreaker guide to help you out in your journey.



Tips and Tricks for Beginners:

Most beginners are facing problems with the game, and below we have a few top beginner tips to help you out in your gaming journey.



Keep track of resources:

  • There are quite a lot of resources in the game that you need to collect for the sake of moving forward. You need to stock these resources, and then when the battle arrives, you need to use them. Being a game mostly about resources, you need to keep them on track. For the sake of looking into these resources, you can use the mode called a building mode that shows your resources.


  • There might sometimes be where you do not find how much resource is required for a specific thing like building or exploring forward. So, you can put a specific resource into a track that shows you how much you need for a specific task. It comes in use most of the time, so you need to often keep track of your resources.



Armory for Ammo:

  • When starting, you will have a lot of weapon arsenal, ranging from that flamethrower and minigun to that destructive rocket launcher; you have quite a lot of things at your disposal. But, the only problem here is that you will have limited ammo, and you will have to take deep thought into the ammo, rather than just the firepower.


  • Here, the armory is taken into consideration while it needs to be built for ammo supply. There is ammo added into your inventory that makes way for more firepower and better battle-winning chances. So, with an armory, you can cover your ammo.



Destroying Nests:

  • There are enemy nests which you will find during your exploration. As you have quite a lot of firepower, you will have to use most of it on these nets because they are well fortified. But, when you use specific firepower like the flamethrower and those destructive rocket launchers, you will do more damage to these structures.


  • In case you decide to miss these nests because of their fortification, you need to understand that they give you better minerals, currencies, and ores, which are best for beginners to start with. So, you need to use a specific type of weapon to clear these nets.



Energy Connectors:

  • Your home base is the safest place, but you need to complete it. For this purpose, you need to create that energy connector, taking a smaller number of resources. They further provide power to the buildings that are new to the area. There are no limitations to the connectors you can make, and in case you are checking on a building that isn’t working right, it might be because of the connector not hooked up to it.


  • You might ask how to select the connector? In the building mode, you have it written, and when you connect them to other things, there is a line of blue color.



Quick Travel Point:

  • Traveling in an open-world type game is a pain and probably takes quite a long time. In most of the games, you probably have fast travel, which is usually open after quite a time. Here in Riftbreaker, you have quick travel at the start, but the travel warp points limit it.


  • These quick travel points are very effective and allow you to get back to a certain location after being lost in the exploration. It saves you time and paves the way for you to go for a thing you forgot at the base, rather than traveling again and again.




  • In this game, you need to build things, explore the land, defeat enemies, resources, set up an industry, and much more. Being an openwork type game, you need to explore to go forward and become strong enough to fight enemies.


  • Hopefully, if you are lost in the exploration and fun, you can simply travel back, making it much effortless to go and explore the game universe. Further, you can use the maps to keep track of location instead of only looking at the screen.



Carbonium Ore:

  • While crafting and building, the main currency you need is Carbonium Ore. Everything in the game is somewhat related to the carbonium ore, but they are scattered here and there on the map. If you want to obtain them, you can hold down “a” button to gather them.


  • If you want to automate it, you can also do this by building a device that stops the process of mining. All in one, in terms of materials, you need Carbonium Core more, so you need to focus on it more.



The Prologue:

  • As most of the games have a tutorial to help you out, being an open word difficult game, you need to take that prologue section as well, which is optional. There is an option that stops the skip of the section, and the best tip is to take it because Riftbreaker is a difficult game to come by.


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