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Franchise Hockey Manager 8: Quick Start Guide

Franchise Hockey Manager 8: Quick Start Guide

Franchise Hockey Manager is back with a new title and dozens of new additions to its base, along with the authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you are looking for. Playing the Franchise Hockey Manager 8 video game isn’t easy as you aren’t only supposed to deal with your team. There are dozens of complicated jobs & tasks available, such as team creation, finding and dealing with sponsors, and organizing events. The game lacks the Multiplayer mode; in short, you can’t compete against other players online. Start your career as a Hockey Manager, find the best players to create a team, and participate in competitions to show off your manager skills.


There are dozens of leagues to choose from all over the world, making it difficult to pick a favorite. The only aim is to lead your team to glory, including a chance of winning a prize like FHM 8, licensed by the NHL. It helps you dominate the franchise and the Stanley Cup. Control your favorite national team and work for international supremacy your way to become the master. Check out our Franchise Hockey Manager 8 Guide and Tips if you’re not sure how things work.



Franchise Hockey Manager 8 Beginner’s Guide

Franchise Hockey Manager 8 is now available, and if you’re unfamiliar with the game, you might need some assistance getting started. We’ve included some useful tips and tricks in this Franchise Hockey Manager 8 beginner’s guide to help you get started. This article explains some of the game’s fundamentals, which will undoubtedly help new players.


As previously mentioned, many new features have been added to provide you with a thrilling gaming experience, including the following:


  • New Financial Options – It allows you to create your Legacy to strengthen your grip over your operations and budget.


  • Make Quick-Decisions – On-ice Decisions allow you to influence the choices of your players.


  • In-game Feedback System – It helps you modify the players’ tactics and styles regarding the game events.


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  • Realistic Historical Background – With the introduction of Realistic Historical Background, all players, including Junior, College, and European Leagues, are fleshed out. It means Youngers aren’t free agents until they get signed or drafted.


  • Young Players – You can now take steps to improve the quality of young players in European teams.


  • Improved 2D Mode – It improves not only the player behavior but statistical output and animation also; meanwhile, receiving new graphics and animations.


  • New Customization Options – After enabling the new customization option, custom games are allowed to add tournaments to their base, enabling the participation of teams from different leagues.


  • Lots of new Hockey Cards – Cards are used to display player portraits on-screen.



Franchise Hockey Manager 8 Tips – How to become the World’s Best Manager

Hire a Good Head Coach

Keep in mind that if your team has a good head coach, who assists you in running the club on a daily basis, including training, matches, and setting up lines, your team will perform well.



Play as GM – Draft/Trade Strategy

It would be beneficial if you preferred to play as GM/HC and hire help for the duties you don’t want to do. Playing matches can help you grow each year and improve your ranking as a player. Because they demand a high salary, you can trade them once they reach a specific set target.



Don’t Draft Anyone with 2 Stars or Lower

Supposing to add two stars or lower players to your team isn’t a good strategy as it may lead you to defeat instead of victory.



Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

  • A player’s relationship with his General Manager will affect his happiness.


  • Assigning suitable tactical roles to your players is very important. Each player is assigned a numerical rating from 1-20 in every role he is eligible to play. The higher the numbers, the better he is at performing that tactical role. Players are only assigned one tactical role; this guides their play in all situations.


  • Every scout you hire adds an individual amount to your total Scouting Coverage in a particular region; the exact amount depends on his skills and the area he is based in. Click on the checkbox beside a scout’s name to see the exact amount he contributes. The higher the Scouting Coverage number, the more accurate your scouting in that region will be. It uses a 1-20 scale, like the individual scouting ratings, so think of this as the equivalent of a collective scouting rating for your entire team. Note that it is impossible to raise the Scouting Coverage number above 20, so there’s little point in adding more scouts in a region where your coverage is already maximized.


  • Aging works like development, only in reverse. At a certain point, the game will determine that a player is going to start going downhill (there are actually two separate elements to this, physical and skill decline, and they don’t necessarily start at the same time.) Once that happens, he gets a decline speed, which begins to eat away at his attributes. You can slow the process somewhat by giving him special coaching attention, but he’ll inevitably regress faster than you can prop him up, and at some point, either he or you will need to make a tough decision about his future in hockey and/or with the team.


Here’s everything you need to know. Improve your Manager Skills, draft your team, and trade them to earn in-game money. If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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