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Franchise Hockey Manager 6 – Line Chemistry

Franchise Hockey Manager 6 – Staff Attributes Guide

Players may acquire, or start with, “line chemistry” (not to be confused with team chemistry) with other players that improves their team’s chances of success when they’re on the ice together. Chemistry works as follows:


  • Each player has ten other players that he has chemistry with, rated from 1-100; these can be any player, not necessarily current teammates; chemistry ratings below a certain level will not be displayed.


  • Chemistry isn’t mirrored between players: Player A’s chemistry with Player B may be a different number than B’s chemistry with A, or he may have no rating at all.


  • Some of the ten pairings are semi-permanent. The other spots are temporary, and will tend to be filled by the teammates the player has played with a lot recently.


  • After each game, each player’s chemistry list is updated, potentially adding chemistry to players he played the most with during the most recent game; additions are more likely if the game went well. Some of these players may replace players currently in one of his temporary spots, if they’re not on his chemistry list already; if they’re already on his list, their chemistry rating will increase.


  • If the chemistry number for a player on the temporary list passes that of a player on the semi-permanent list, he moves up and the other player moves down (and is now vulnerable to being pushed off the list entirely after a game.)


Chemistry affects the ability of the two players to complete certain offensive plays involving both players and, while defending, improve the likelihood of success in defensive situations if those players are directly involved in the play. It is displayed on individual player screens, and in popups on the strategy/line selection screen.


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