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Franchise Hockey Manager 7 – Team Chemistry

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The Team Chemistry page collects information about the team’s internal relationships and player happiness, including player relations with the General Manager, a rating of the team’s overall chemistry, the team chemistry component of morale for all players on the active roster, the chemistry ‘classes’ of players, a simple report from your assistant on the current state , and a list of player concerns in regards to chemistry.


A player’s relationship with his General Manager will affect his happiness.


Players are classified according to several new hidden ratings that cover their intelligence, tendency towards controversy, and ability to handle success, failure, and criticism.


The coach’s report will give you a brief verbal summation of what the team’s chemistry is like now, and how good the team’s leaders are at keeping the chemistry positive. The assessment will become more as you get farther into in the season.


A team’s chemistry rating is determined primarily by the mixture of player classes and the team’s leadership in particular. Generally, players with negative classifications such as disruptive or selfish will tend to influence the score downward, while those with positive classifications will help push it up.


The overall team chemistry rating reflects player happiness and the team’s leadership.


Player chemistry happiness is determined by the team’s chemistry situation and GM-player relationships. The ‘Happiness’ icons on the team chemistry page only displays their happiness with the team’s chemistry – this can (and usually will) differ than the happiness shown on the roster page, since that also considers other factors.


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