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Age of Darkness: Final Stand: Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Certainly, commanding an army would be an enticing experience for those who love playing tactical-based video games. Age of Darkness: Final is a fusion of RTS, Base Building, Dark Fantasy, and Survival game elements, offering you thrilling gameplay to experience, and it supports only Single-player mode. It takes you to a dark fantasy world where vicious monsters await you to defeat; meanwhile, to take over the land full of resources and other items.


An ongoing war between heroes and monsters is threatening and leading the world to the edge of destruction. Collect, recruit, and assemble your army to defeat enemies and their forces before it’s too late. The recently released game “Age of Darkness: Final Stand” has successfully won the hearts of over 1200 players at the time of writing. Unlike other games, over 70K enemies can be displayed on your screen at once.



Age of Darkness: Last Stand: Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

The game’s premise is its RTS genre and resource gathering component. Furthermore, the strategy aspect might not be challenging enough; however, the “Death Night Mechanics” are the hardest to understand and conquer.


In most base-building games, players must choose the ideal location for their base and deploy their armies to defeat opposing forces. In summary, players in RTS games must employ a strong strategic approach to deal with all the challenges. This article will undoubtedly help beginners by explaining some of the game’s main features. We recommend reading this guide if you are new to the game or are just starting.


  • Before we start, remember that every map is different, meaning maps are randomly generated and unique for each player.


  • Don’t get distracted and allow your resources to reach the cap, especially at the beginning. Construct a logging camp well before you exhaust your supply of wood. This means building only 1 or 2 houses or food production structures—explore quickly to find an ideal location for a logging camp. Pay attention to the rating. If you can get it in the 19-24 range, you’ll be set for a while with just one. You probably don’t need more than two of these.



Collect Resources (Wood, Food, Stone, and Iron)

  • Resources and their importance in RTS and Base Building video games are likely familiar to you. Similarly, you must search for resources while exploring the area from an isometric viewpoint. The resources are listed below in order of importance.


  • Wood – Explore the area for clusters and use them to construct camps and other items, such as weapons and equipment.


  • Food – Food is the second most important resource in Age of Darkness: Last Stand, and you must always grow food to feed your armies adequately. Look for a large field where you can grow enough food to support your massive army and staff research centers. You are not allowed to construct anything within the specified radius after building the farm.


  • Stone and Iron – Typically, the production of stone and iron depends on areas rich in rocks or metal deposits.



Build Bases As Fast As Possible

  • The countdown can become your worst enemy while playing Death Night mode. With limited time, you should construct numerous structures, houses, bases, and other facilities to provide as much support as possible to your soldiers. Keep focusing on the following structures:


  • Wood Workshop


  • Defensive Towers


  • Buildings


  • Houses



Upgrade Buildings and Troops

  • While playing the game, we suggest you don’t neglect the research you’ve conducted. Maintain your focus on upgrading all the structures, troops, and houses you’ve built. If you don’t upgrade the infrastructure you’ve built, you’ll be just a step away from losing the game.



Explore and Kill Enemies

  • Never miss an opportunity to eliminate enemies, as they provide in-game currency and valuable resources for you to use. Expand your armies and upgrade them to increase their power; meanwhile, improve your research facilities and maintain them at a high level to achieve mastery.


  • Arbalests are extremely important for defeating giants. Kill Elite Nightmares to get the crystals you need to upgrade your units.


  • Don’t forget the siege units. Flamers and Ballistas play an important role in crowd control.



Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

  • Destroying Darkness Crystal fast-forwards the upcoming wave, but the players also receive more dark essence from it.


  • Melee units are bad at dealing with late waves, but they’re great at clearing the map. They’re useless against late waves because they don’t regenerate quickly enough, and they can’t deal with ranged units, which you want close to your walls/towers. There is, however, a way to make them viable: surround the wave spawn location with sentinels and arbalests so that they can quickly kill enemies before their numbers become too large to handle.


  • Get Archers and bring them along with your Hero to clear areas. Your Hero will tank the damage while your archers support him from the back; that way, you can keep your archers safe without having them die like the soldiers—also an excellent way to level up your Hero.


  • By the third wave, you should have AoE towers. If you don’t have AoE towers for the third wave, you’ve probably invested too much in the army (which is also not good, tech is better), or you had a bad start.


We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any more tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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