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Secret Achievements


Place a blueprint with 1000 or more buildings

Hold CTRL and drag your mouse to select a large number of buildings, then press c to copy or x to cut and v to paste. If you try to cut your selection, a pop-up will tell you how many buildings you’ve selected, which can help determine if you’re above 1000 buildings selected.



I need trains

Have a belt with a length of 500 tiles

Easily done using the belt planner. Hold shift and one of the WASD keys while dragging your mouse. If the achievement doesn’t pop up when you let go of the mouse, extend the belt further.




Have 15 map markers

Press M, or zoom out and right-click to place a marker. Do this 15 times.



A bit early?

Create the logo shape before level 18

You can do this as soon as you have access to the stacker, the painter, and the color mixer. You can refer to the guide mentioned earlier if you’re unsure of how to create this shape. Your machine does not need to be efficient, and the shape does not need to be delivered; creating it once is enough.



I’ve seen that before.

Produce RgRyRbRr

Reproduce the Microsoft logo. Here is the shape as reference:

1 184

It does not need to be delivered; creating it once is enough.



My eyes no longer hurt.

Activate the dark mode

In the settings, select User Interface, then under Game Theme, select Dark.




Deliver a shape that is not the goal nor relevant for any upgrade to the hub.

You’ll likely get this by accident by delivering more shapes of a certain type than an objective requires. But you can always extract a random shape you found far away from your Hub and deliver it.



Memories from the past

Produce the old level 17 shape

This is the shape in question:

2 62

Create it, and the achievement is yours.

Shape Code: WrRgWrRg:CwCrCwCr:SgSgSgSg


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