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Stirring Abyss Cheats

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How to Enable the “Developer Console” 

1. Enable the “Developer Console” in the options menu.


2. Press F3 when in the sub or in a mission.


3. Type in “help” (w/o the quotes) and press Enter.


4. The Dev Console is indeed a powerful tool that can be especially useful if you run into a bug and feel cheated but don’t want to reload a save. Just a couple of things that seemed important to mention in this context:


-If you do use the console, we strongly suggest disabling it again afterwards before continuing with the game. There is a crash we’ve identified as being related to the Dev Console being active so keeping it on all the time has some risk involved.


-The commands themselves are meant for dev/testing use, and we have not tried to ensure that you could not possibly put the game into a broken state in some manner by using the console. So be careful!


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