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PC Controls for Ratopia

PC Controls for Ratopia

Here’s a quick rundown of the standard keyboard and mouse controls for Ratopia on your PC:



Default PC Keyboard & Mouse Controls

  • Move up: W


  • Move down: S


  • Move left: A


  • Move right: D


  • Aim: Mouse Wheel


  • Zoom in: PgUp


  • Zoom out: PgDn


  • Default camera: HOME


  • Interact: E or Left Mouse Button


  • Check details: F or Right Mouse Button


  • Order: Q


  • Admin: G


  • Mode change: SHIFT


  • Jump: SPACE or W


  • Switch: TAB


  • Drop: X


  • Menu: ESC


  • Screen shot mode: F11


  • Skill: T


  • Confirm: E or Left Mouse Button


  • Switch: TAB


  • Exit: ESC


  • Category change left: Q


  • Category change right: R


  • UI control – Move up: W, Up Arrow Key


  • UI control – Move down: S, Down Arrow Key


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