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Azrael PC Controls

Azrael PC Controls

The default control scheme for Azrael for PC is:



PC Controls

Gamepad Controls



(Circle/B) Jumps


(Cross/A) Performs light attacks, and behaves as the normal A button in Smash.


(Square/X) Performs the medium attacks, or the tilts


(Triangle/Y) Performs the heavy attacks, or the smashes


(L2/Left Trigger) Does Super Speed


(R2/Right Trigger) blocks


(R1/Right Bumper) fires or charges your blasts



Important gameplay notes:

  • Hold both triggers in order to power up and recharge your stamina quicker.


  • Jump 3 times and hold up on the third time to fly.


  • Hold down and jump to disable flight.


  • Use the right stick to fire blasts in any direction.


  • Press the right bumper to fire blasts, or hold it down to charge your attack.


  • Hold it for a very long time until your character flashes really bright blue in order to fire a beam attack.


  • Hold the blast button down again to detonate your beam attack at any time.


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