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Azrael PC Controls

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PC Controls

The default control scheme for Azrael for PC is:


Gamepad Controls


(Circle/B) Jumps

(Cross/A) Performs light attacks, and behaves as the normal A button in Smash.

(Square/X) Performs the medium attacks, or the tilts

(Triangle/Y) Performs the heavy attacks, or the smashes

(L2/Left Trigger) Does Super Speed

(R2/Right Trigger) blocks

(R1/Right Bumper) fires or charges your blasts


Important gameplay notes:

Hold both triggers in order to power up and recharge your stamina quicker.

Jump 3 times and hold up on the third time to fly.

Hold down and jump to disable flight.

Use the right stick to fire blasts in any direction.

Press the right bumper to fire blasts, or hold it down to charge your attack.

Hold it for a very long time until your character flashes really bright blue in order to fire a beam attack.

Hold the blast button down again to detonate your beam attack at any time.



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