Slasher’s Keep PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings


PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

Here’s a list of controls:


WASD + mouse to move

Shift to sprint

E to use

Tab to open the inventory screen

F to swing your inventory sack

Right-click to equip items, number keys to bind an item to a hotkey (drag/drop works too)

Right-click on the hotbar to clear hotkeys

Shift-click to split item stacks

B or J to open the skill book (purely informative)

X to draw your melee weapon

C to draw your wand

Q to swap between melee and ranged

Left-click to swing

Hold to charge a heavier swing

Direction key + Left-click and hold for different heavy attacks

(Edit: Right-click to cancel charging a swing)

Right-click and hold and aim at an enemy’s weapon/incoming blow to parry

Left-click to fire

Right-click to aim down sights

Use the mouse wheel to scroll item descriptions that are taller than the screen

M to toggle the minimap

+/- to zoom the minimap


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