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Loop Hero – All Cards + Enemies Unlocking Guide

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All Cards + Enemies Unlocking Guide

This guide lists all the Cards and Enemies in the game as they are displayed in the in-game Encyclopedia top to bottom left to right.




  • Wasteland – basic card.


  • Cemetery – basic card.


  • Grove – basic card.


  • Blood path – spawned by 2 or more adjacent Battle fields.


  • Village – unlocked by the Gymnasium building.


  • Ransacked village – transformed from a regular Village by a directly adjacent Vampire mansion.


  • Count’s land – transformed from a Ransacked village after 3 loops.


  • Wheat field – unlocked by the Farm building.


  • Overgrown field – transformed from a Wheat field if the adjacent Village is destroyed by the Oblivion card.


  • Ruins – unlocked with the Supply depot building.


  • Swamp – unlocked with the Herbalist’s hut building.


  • A Village? – spawned after placing 10 Forests or Thickets.


  • Bridge – spawned by placing a River card over a RoadBridge building is required.




  • Spider cocoon – basic card.


  • Vampire’s mansion – basic card.


  • Battle field – basic card.


  • Shipwreck – transformed from a Battle field by placing an adjacent River.


  • Road lantern – basic card.


  • Goblin camp – spawned by placing 10 Rocks or Mountains.


  • Goblin lookout – transformed from a Goblin camp by placing an adjacent Swamp.


  • Bookery – unlocked with the Library building.


  • Abandoned bookery – transformed from a Bookery after exchanging 20 cards.


  • Blood grove – unlocked with the Field kitchen building.


  • Hungry grove – transformed from a Blood grove if the adjacent Grove is destriyed by the Oblivion card.


  • Bandit camp – spawned after placing 2 Villages.


  • Reed – transformed from a River after placing adjacent to a RoadBridge building is required.


  • Outpost – unlocked with the War camp building.


  • Smith’s forge – unlocked with the upgraded Smithy building.


  • Chrono crystal – unlocked by defeating the first boss.




  • Rock – basic card.


  • Mountain – basic card.


  • Mountain peak – transformed from a 3×3 Rock or Mountain formation.


  • Meadow – basic card.


  • Blooming meadow – transformed from a Meadow by placing adjacent to any other card except Meadow.


  • Desert – unlocked with the Intel center building.


  • Sand dunes – unlocked with the Intel center building.


  • River – unlocked with the River building.


  • Oasis – transformed from a River if placed adjacent to a Desert or Sand dunes.


  • Forest – unlocked with the Forest building.


  • Thicket – unlocked with the Forest building.


  • Burned forest – transformed from a Forest or a Thicket by placing in a range of the Storm temple.


  • Suburbs – unlocked with the upgraded Gymnasium building.


  • Town – transformed from Suburbs if is adjacent with 4 other Suburbs orthogonally.




  • Treasury – basic card.


  • Empty treasury – transformed from a Treasury by surrounding it with other cards.


  • Strom temple – unlocked with the Smether building.


  • Beacon – basic card,


  • Temporal beacon – unlocked by playing until loop 15+ (proof required).


  • Lich’s palace – unlocked by spawning the first boss.




  • Arsenal – unlocked with the Smalter building.


  • Ancestral crypt – unlocked with the Crypt building.


  • Maze of memories – unlocked with the Library building.


  • Zero milestone – unlocked with the Alchemist’s tent building.




Slime – spawned by Wastelands.


Ratwolf – spawned by Groves.


Spider – spawned by Spider cocoons.


Skeleton – spawned by Graveyards.


Skeleton archer – spawned by Graveyards in chapters 2+.


Cracked skeleton – spawned by killing Skeletons and Skeleton archers in chapters 2+.


Chest – spawned by Battle fields.


Mimic – spawned by Battle fields.


Blood clot – spawned by Blood paths.


Ghost – spawned by killing enemies near Battle fields.


Ghost of a ghost – spawned by killing Ghosts.


Prime matter – spawned by killing Ghost of a Ghosts.


Vampire – spawned inside battles near a Vampire mansion.


Vampire mage – spawned inside battles near a Vampire mansion and an Abandoned bookery.


Swarm of bats – spawned by Vampires and Vampire mages in chapters 2+.


Watcher – spawned inside battles near a Temporal beacon.


Watcher mage – spawned inside battles near a Temporal beacon and an Abandoned bookery.


Tome – spawned inside battles by an Abandoned bookery and by killing Vampire mages and Watcher mages.


Goblin – spawned by Goblin camps.


Goblin leader – spawned by Goblin camps in chapters 2+.


Goblin archer – spawned by Goblin lookouts.


Ghoul – spawned by Ransacked villages.


Bandit – spawned by Bandit camps.


Harpy – spawned by Mountain peaks.


Gargoyle – spaned by Empty treasuries.


Flesh golem – spawned by a Blood grove if a Vampire mansion is adjacent to it.


Living armor – spawned by a Smith’s forge after recycling 6 items.


Mosquito – spaned by Swamps.


Scarecrow – spawned by Wheat fields and Overgrown fields.


Field of blades – spawned inside battles in Overgrown fields.


Scorch worm – spawned by Ruins.


Fishman – spawned by Reeds.


Siren – spawned by Shipwrecks.


Jellyfish – spawned by Sirens in chapters 3+.


Wooden warrior – spawned by A Village?.


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