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Loop Hero – Tile Combos

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Tile Combos

  • Bloody Path – a bloody path is made by placing two Battlefields close together so their blue areas of influence overlap. Bloody Paths can spawn Blood Clot enemies, reasonably weak foes that act as an additional loot source when killed are weak to magic damage.


  • Blooming Meadows – when the standard Meadows card is placed beside Rocks, Mountains, or a Treasury, it will become a Blooming Meadow, healing players for 3 HP a day.


  • Burned Forest – placing a Storm Temple next to a Forest or Thicket will result in a burned forest, granting players extra magic damage.


  • Count’s Lands – placing a Village next to a Vampire Mansion card results in the Count’s Land appearing after three turns as a Ransacked Village, restoring more HP than a standard Village. It Will also give players a special monster to kill that is very tough. This combination should be used with caution.


  • Goblin Camp – placing 10 Rock or Mountain cards will spawn a Goblin Camp somewhere on the loop.


  • Goblin Lookout Post – placing a Swamp beside a Goblin Outpost will create a Goblin Lookout Post, adding a Goblin Archer to the tile.


  • Hungry Grove – placing a Blood Grove next to a Grove, then destroying the Grove with an Oblivion card will spawn a Hungry Grove. A Hungry Grove will occasionally hit a hero and devour any enemy below 20% HP instantly. A Hungry Grove can also be made by placing two Blood Groves close together.


  • Mountain Peak – Rock or Mountain tiles in a 3×3 grid will form a Mountain Peak, granting the hero 120 HP and spawning Harpies every two days.


  • Overgrown Fields – placing a Village card next to a Wheat Fields card, then destroying the Village with an Oblivion card will create Overgrown Fields. This tile can then spawn Scarecrow enemies and Blade Grass.


  • Reeds – placing a road next to a river will create Reeds that can spawn Fishman enemies.


  • Sand Dunes – Sand Dune tiles can be placed next to rivers for enhanced effects.


  • Shipwreck – placing a Battlefield next to a river creates a Shipwreck, spawning siren enemies and also having a chance to spawn chests.


  • Training Dummy Village – placing a Forest or Thicket near a Village will create a Training Dummy Village.


  • Treasury – surrounding a Treasury with 8 resource cards such as Rocks, Mountains, or Meadows will result in large numbers of additional resources that scale with the loop level.


  • Towns – placing 5 Suburbs down in a cross shape will create a town.


  • Grove + Vampire Mansion – a Grove placed directly beside a Vampire Mansion can spawn Blood Golem enemies.


  • Swamp + Vampire Mansion – any Vampire that spawns in a swamp tile will be unable to heal itself via Vampirism, but this also applies to players.



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