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Loop Hero – Necromancer Guide for Infinite Loops

Loop Hero - Necromancer Guide for Infinite Loops


Chapter 1

No real requirements.



Chapter 2

Swamp, Village, Blood Grove, Vampire Mansion.



Chapter 3

Forest/Thicket, Zero Milestone.





Village, Swamp

Vampire Mansion, Blood Grove

Forest/Thicket, Rock/Mountain


Not necessary, but will improve the run if unlocked:



Zero Milestone



Deck theory:

The Basics

Zero Milestone and Swamps are oddball cards that I wanted to use, and Necromancer seems best positioned to succeed with them.


Zero Milestone goes as far from your campfire as you can. Swamps spread out from the Zero Milestone. Villages spread out from your campfire. Vampire Mansions cover everything, and Blood Groves cover the swamps (and Ransacked Villages from the Vampire Mansions).


Oblivion is for Goblin Camps, which still sucks.




Suburbs will get you more traits, and the necromancer has some critical traits like the +1 skeleton.




Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is not the best to farm, but if you want to conquer it, you basically just focus on getting your evasion as high as you can.


Completely surround the 8 squares adjacent to the campfire to block the boss castle spawns.



Chapter 2

Just have your skeleton army ready…


  • Drop the Zero Milestone as far from your camp as you can. Split the loop in half.


  • Radiate Swamps out from the Zero Milestone. You will want 8 swamps in each direction.


  • Radiate Villages out from the campfire.


  • Get complete Blood Grove coverage, starting with your initial swamps. Get the campfire covered before the boss spawns. Cover any Ransacked Villages you create.


  • Use Oblivion on bandit camps. Goblin Camps aren’t so bad. Either put a village in front of them if they spawned on the “campfire” side of the map, or Oblivion them if you have no Bandit Camps.


  • Place Mountains exclusively after you get your Mountain Peak. Just let the Rocks roll off.


  • Place both Forests and Thickets; just fill the map.


  • If you have Suburbs, I do a column 4 tiles wide on one side of the map.



Chapter 3

Same as Chapter 2.




You must be very picky with gear. Rings and amulets MUST have +1 skeleton. No gear can have regen, or the swamps will kill you. Your tome will eventually be a gray quality tome that just gives a ton of skeleton level. The secondary stats to shoot for are summon quality and evasion/skeleton level.


The Forests/Thickets will quickly get you over 100% attack speed, and you can summon an army for fights. The mosquitoes will detonate and wipe out any vampires or other monsters. The Flesh Golems should be no problem whatsoever; you want to see as many of those as you can.


Skeletons do not benefit from any hero stats: no attack speed, no defense, no evasion, no magic damage, not even regen.


The only real problems come from bandit camps and a slow start. Also, no ruins, so the resource gain is meh…but look, a use for swamps!


I am not sure that Zero Milestone is much of a benefit. I need to test a run with Ruins and other card combos. This swamp deck is definitely powerful, but it doesn’t feel great, mostly because swamps and blood groves just seem like very rare cards, and it takes a long time to get going.


Loop Hero – Tile Combinations & Resources Guide


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