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Loop Hero – Thick Necromancer Build

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Thick Necromancer Build

The Thick Necromancer focuses on stacking as many Thickets as possible to boost the summon speed while using Laying down one’s life, Residual heat, and Unseen care to stack energy armor. Focusing on a single stat, Skeleton level to boost both the damage output and hp of the infinitely respawning skeletons.



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You’ll wanna look for: Unseen care, Field practice, Residual heat and Laying down one’s life.



Required buildings:

The only required building is Forest / Thicket which is unlocked by building a Forest in your base. Ancestral crypt should also be considered.




While focusing almost purely on Skeleton level you’ll wanna get 4-5 total summon slots to split the damage from Laying down one’s life. Can be done with either gear or picking up the Art of Control trait.


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