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Loop Hero – Necromancer Class Guide

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Necromancer Guide

A complete guide to the Necromancer class in Loop Hero.



The Necromancer is unlocked by building a crypt. While playing the necromancer you’ll be able to equip 2 rings, 1 amulet a book, and a shield (if you’ve placed an Arsenal card which is a gold card.)


Max Skeletons:

Increases the number of total skeletons you can have active at once.


Summon quality:

Increases the chance of higher-tier skeletons being summoned instead of the basic skeleton.


Basic Skeleton – Your basic melee skeleton.

1 727


Assassin Skeleton – High damage, low HP.

2 28


Tank Skeleton – High HP, low damage.

3 9


Archer Skeleton – Ranged, these will be summoned after reaching the max (4) number of melee skeletons have been summoned.

4 6


Skeleton level:

Increases damage and HP of skeletons. Notice this does not do anything unless it’s a multiple of 1. So being at 2.99 is the same as being at 2.


Stats in order of importance are:

Skeleton level > Max Skeleton (3) > Skeleton quality > Max Skeleton (*)



Necromancer complete skill list

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Art of Control +1 to the maximum number of skeletons.


2 29

Edge of Impossible 20% chance to exceed the number of skeletons and summon 2 of them during the last summons.


3 10

Field Practice + 0.25 to skeleton’s level for a loop (starting from the loop when this trait was received)


4 7

Preparation for a ceremony First two skeletons summoned in a day will be strengthened.


5 2

Horde 3 strengthened skeletons will be joining the hero on every loop to help in the battle.



Residual heat Receive +3*loop hp after skeleton’s death.



Unseen care A permanent +0.5 bonus to energy armor for every summoned skeleton.


12 6

Counterattack After the hero receives direct damage all skeletons have a 15% chance to immediately perform a counterattack.



Laying down one’s life Any direct damage to the hero will be evenly split between him and his skeletons.


33 1

Lightning-fast Summoned skeletons have a 20% chance to perform a quick 3-hit combo, with each hit dealing 50% damage.



Ambitions of the dead After killing an enemy, the skeleton fully heals itself; its damage and hp are increased by 10% until the end of the battle.



Omicron’s Technique +1 resurrection charge.


Loop Hero – Necromancer Guide for Infinite Loops


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