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Loop Hero – Tactics and Synergies Guide

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Tactics and Synergies

1. Having a Ransacked Village in the range of a Blood Grove will prevent the ghouls from eating corpses.



2. Chrono Crystal doubles the effect of a day’s passing, so they combo well with (Blooming) Meadows which gives heals on a day’s passing.



3. After the charges for Bookery run out, it becomes Abandoned Bookery, which adds enemy tomes to battles within their radius.



4. Bloody paths are amazing for regen builds, blood cloth doesn’t really hit hard, making it is a great place to regen back lost health.



5. Outposts:

As a Rogue, they won’t take any payment since you only get trophies. So, they’re free to help, other than taking up the map slot.


As a Necromancer, they shoot arrows at everyone, allies and enemies alike. It can be helpful for clearing weaker enemies, but probably not worth the time.


You can have more than one outpost spawning minions on a tile.



6. Metamorphosis farm:

When you have Suburbs already changed into Towns in a 3×3 placement (so a 4×4 suburbs) use oblivion on a middle one (you will gain metamorphosis for this change (town -> suburb)) and place another suburb in the center (you will gain another round of metamorphosis (suburb -> town).



7. Passing by Bookery gives progress to the boss bar.



8. Safe Pre-Boss retreat:

If you hold the retreat button two gears will pop up behind it. In this mode even if the boss is spawned you will be able to retreat and keep all the loot.



8. Necromancer Strat.

Get the Perk that gives you 0.5 energy armor for each skeleton summoned.


Put tons of forests down, burned or otherwise.


Training Dummies only attack when attacked, and can one-shot most skeletons quick enough for you to have a long drawn-out summoning battle safely.



10. Magic HP:

Any damage received that is more than the available magic HP will be reduced to the current available magic HP, extra damage received after magic HP break will be ignored.


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