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Killsquad – Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks

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Killsquad is a role-playing action game developed and published by Novarama. The game was released in early access on Steam in July 2019. Players can play online with up to four other people, or they can play it alone if they prefer.


Killsquad is a science fiction series about bounty hunter teams known as Killsquads who raid planets in search of the few remaining resources. Inspired by westerns from the 1970s, pulp fiction from the 1940s, and military science fiction from Starship Troopers, this novel takes an exploration into the American West. This article contains a quick guide for the game, which will be very useful for you.



1.  Use Perks and Weapon Perks

  • Perks and weapon perks are important in Killsquad. Perks reset after each mission and are temporary unlocks. You can reset them. You can find it under the Heroes and Skills section.


  • There are 5 per Hero that unlock after each 2 level progression. A variety of perks are available in perk columns, but you can only select one from each. Perks associated with weapons are, however, entirely randomized. As a result, every time you obtain a new weapon, you’ll need to roll.


  • Depending on its rarity, each weapon can have either one perk, two perks, or three perks. The first perks are a blue rarity, the second perks are purple, and the third perks are either purple or yellow rarity.


  • You can unlock them using materials. As of now, you cannot reroll your weapons or obtain a specific role. Weapon Perks are fixed to weapons, and they are always available by default and are shown as the first perk on each weapon.



2.  Choose Characters with Special Abilities

In Killsquad, there are different characters. You can choose these characters with their special abilities.


  • Troy: He is the best DMG dealer currently on the market. Damage output should always be your top priority; survivability should be your secondary goal. We should upgrade Strong Shot to make it easier for him to mark more enemies while also increasing the number of enemies he marks.


  • Kosmo: The only piece of software that he is truly proficient with is Whirlwind since it has such a high uptime. There are a lot of CC capabilities, as well as many armor generation options with Overshield.


  • Cass: By using long-ability combos, she can render small enemies immobile and impotent. Teleport Shuriken has by far been her strongest ability. With this ability, she can damage enemies.


  • Zero: Zero is a therapist that has the most incredible talent in his Healing Kit. In weapons, he does not have any perk available to buff his Healing Kit in any way. Therefore, we will enhance his other abilities instead.


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3.  Use Best Type of Weapon

There are different types of weapons that suit the special character. This unique weapon fulfills all the requirements.



Imperishable Glory

  • You get the following advantages by imperishable glory:


  • You will get two additional execution marks.


  • And Execution marks for two seconds longer.


  • It is best for the character Troy to read The Imperishable Glory.


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Rackat’s Bulwark

You get the following benefits from this weapon:


  • When performing Whirlwind, the damage is reduced by 60%.


  • Could this be an attempt to beef up his tackiness? Taking it is the right thing to do.


  • The Kosmo suit Rackat Bulwark



Dies Irae

You get the following benefits from this weapon:


  • The effect of burn remains for up to 3 seconds. However, after a few seconds, it has to deal with around 25 damage.


  • There is a 25% chance to gain 270 free damage.


  • The weapon Dies Irae works well against enemies.


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