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FIFA 23: How to Cancel a Pass or Shot

FIFA 23: How to Cancel a Pass or Shot

Players may want to cancel an inappropriate shot or pass request in FIFA 23, but are unsure about how to do so. Actually, as explained in the following guide, it is quite simple.


  • You can cancel any pass or shot request by pressing L2 (PS4 & PS5) / LT (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) + R2 (PS4 & PS5) / RT (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) , while continuing to dribble with the ball. Please keep in mind that canceling passes and shots may not always be possible due to delays.


  • To cancel a shot, use the X button on PlayStation or the A button on Xbox.


This year’s FIFA is a very complex game, with many new features. Mastering it will be much more difficult than in previous years. You can also read the following guides to improve your skills and learn how to score long shots or to make effective finesse shots.


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