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FIFA 23: How to Perform a Low Driven Shot

FIFA 23: How to Perform a Low Driven Shot

The previous inputs for the Low Driven Shots are no longer available. Those inputs are now used to perform Power Shots, one of the new features in FIFA 23. Low shots will now only happen if you try to do a low powered shot instead. Let’s take a look at the controls.




  • To perform a Power Shot press L1 + R1 and O on your PS4 & PS5 or LB + RB and B on your Xbox One & Series X|S to execute the power shot.


  • This powered shot is a sort of an improved version of the Low-Driven shot from the previous generation.




  • Power shots require a bit of wind-up so ensure there is plenty of space around the ball carrier before attempting it.


  • Furthermore, Power Shots require high aim. They aren’t similar to assisted shots, so you’ll have to practice a lot if you want to land goals consistently.


  • It’s the perfect way to finish inside the box. The high power behind the shot coupled with the low elevation makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to intercept/block it in time, making the newly improved powered shot a perfect tactic within the box.


  • Always look for 1v1 matchups and try to stay away from the goalkeeper. When shooting the ball, fill the shot meter in between two to three bars for the perfect shot.


  • EA’s goal here is to introduce more intrinsic shooting mechanics, so that experienced players are rewarded for their skills.


The powered shot is one of many new additions to FIFA 23. If you want to know about every new feature that was introduced in the game, read the rest of our FIFA 23 guides for more information.


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