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How to Do a One Two Pass in FIFA 23

How to Do a One Two Pass in FIFA 23

It’s finally that time of the year. The summer heat waves are beginning to subside, cooler weather is beginning to settle in, and the latest FIFA game is already up on physical and digital store shelves. Enjoy the fall season with the world’s favorite soccer simulator, back for another year with a ton of new improvements, new gameplay modes, and new content to entice new players and veteran fans of the series.


To truly excel in this hyper-realistic soccer game, you’ll need to learn all of the methods and tactics that real-life players use. It can take many hours of practice to first learn and then perfect these tactics, but with this guide, you’ll learn a particularly helpful move you can use at any point in a match.


  • This method is the one two pass. It is a tactic that sees a player pass the ball to a nearby teammate, cover some ground, and then the second teammate passes the ball back to the first player. This is often used to get around defenders or particularly well-made defensive formations. In addition to being flashy, you’ll occasionally need to do a one two pass to complete the weekly objectives FIFA 23 will present you with.


  • If you’re in a situation where a one two pass is appropriate, here is how you can pull it off. Hold down the L1 button on PlayStation or the LB button on Xbox, and then press the A button on Xbox or the X button on PlayStation to initiate the pass. You can also use the analog stick to aim the initial pass.


  • When the pass has been enacted, the initial player will run for open space, or take up a position near the opposing goal. To complete the one two pass, just press the A/X button once more to pass back to the first player. Remember to keep that L1/LB button, or else the move won’t work.


With that, you now have the knowledge you need to be able to use the one two pass in FIFA 23. It is super useful in a number of scenarios, so remember to practice so you can perfect it. Good luck!


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