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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Squad Building Challenges Guide

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Squad Building Challenges Guide

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is a special mode in FUT containing a series of challenges that’ll test your squad building skills. If you win, you’ll be able to exchange your entire squad or some of the older player cards for better players, packs, kits, etc. Different challenges have different requirements, and you’ll have to submit your team if you want to win exciting rewards. Here is everything you need to build the perfect squad.




  • The items you submit in your SBC are permanently removed from your club. They are exchanged for rewards. Also, note that all SBC submissions are final, so double check before making a final decision. 


  • Challenges are grouped together by categories. While some SBCs only have one challenge, others have multiple challenges. This also means there are more rewards for completing those bigger challenges.


  • SBC also has a time limit. Once the timer expires, you won’t be able to submit a squad for that challenge.


  • If you are unable to completely submit a squad before a challenge expires, the incomplete group of players will be returned to you.


  • The requirements consist of Squad Chemistry and Rating, Player Quality, Leagues, Nationalities and Clubs.


  • Some SBCs are repeatable. This means you’ll be rewarded each time you submit a squad. However, there is also the chance of getting the same reward you received in one of your previous submissions.


  • SBCs are available across all consoles, and they are different for each of them. The rewards also vary. So, even if the same challenge is active on all consoles, someone submitting it on a PlayStation will receive a different reward than someone submitting it on an Xbox.




  • Go to the FIFA 23 Main Menu and choose the FIFA Ultimate Team title. 


  • Navigate to Single Player and choose Squad Building Challenges


  • Pick the Challenge you wish to complete.


  • Challenges that unlock more significant rewards or multiple rewards can be in groups.


  • Build a team for your challenge.


  • You can use items from your Club to build a team. If you lack the necessary items, you can get them from the Transfer Market.


  • Now complete the Challenge by submitting your assembled squad.


  • Once you submit the squad, they are lost forever from your inventory (club). In return, you will be rewarded with different things from the prize pool.


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