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How to Do a Finesse Shot in FIFA 23


The world’s most iconic soccer simulator is back for another season in FIFA 23. The worldwide video game series phenomenon releases year after year, always including tons of new content along with the mechanical improvements and innovations the series has come to be known for. Thankfully, the version of FIFA released for the year 2023 is absolutely no different. This game is almost three entirely separate games in a single package, with the standard single-player campaign, the new Volta Football mode, and, of course, the ultra-competitive online FIFA experience.


All of these modes are guaranteed to be enjoyed by fans and newcomers alike, but if there is one thing they all have in common (besides soccer), it’s that they all require you to have quick timing, loads of skill, and enough tricks at the ready to get you through any situation. That’s exactly what this guide will help you with. Every FIFA player needs to know a few base tricks just to get going, and one of those is called the finesse shot. This is a move that is used to “finesse” the ball into a portion of the net that the goalie is unable to defend or to fool them with a sudden curve.


Allow me to paint you a picture. You’re coming up to the goal. You’ve dodged defenders and sprinted all the way down the pitch until you’re in a good place to take a shot. An untrained player would hurriedly take the shot as soon as they could, risking the goalie blocking the shot and wasting all of that effort.


Now, a skilled player would still themselves and attempt a finesse shot. These shots are less powerful, choosing instead to trade that power for accuracy. The player makes a finesse shot, and it travels on a clear path to the goal. The goalie prepares to dive and grab it out of the air, but just as he does, the ball curves at the last second and slams into the net, scoring a goal. This kind of situation is pretty common in matches of FIFA, and even more so in FIFA 23. That’s why you should know how to pull off a finesse shot, and that’s exactly what this guide will show you how to do. So when you’re ready to curve balls like it’s Wanted, here is exactly what you need to do.



Finesse Shot

This is a high-skill shot that can be used to slip the goalie’s defenses. These shots typically sacrifice power in exchange for precision.


  • Xbox: RB and B


  • PlayStation: R1 and Circle


  • PC: D key


That’s all you need! It is important to consider the slight pause that occurs before you can get a finesse shot off, which can give defenders time to steal or block your shot. So when setting up for a finesse shot, make sure you’re in a good position, and that you have plenty of time to set it up and fire off properly.


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