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FIFA 23: How to Do a Fake Shot

FIFA 23: How to Do a Fake Shot

The game of soccer has never been more intense than it is in FIFA 23. From treacherous shots on goal to tricky passes, this game has it all, and you’re going to need all of the skills at your disposal to climb the ranks of the soccer greats. Especially when FIFA 23’s roster consists of 17,000 players across 700 teams with more than 90 stadiums to compete in. Whether you’re taking on challengers online or playing through the single-player career mode, you should have the tricks of the trade ready to go in your back pocket.


One of those tricks is called the fake shot. Picture it: you’re blitzing your way to the goal, soccer cleats kicking up dirt and grass behind you. Things are going well, but the opposing team is beginning to catch up, and they’re breathing down your neck just as you get in striking distance. When all hope seems lost, you pull off a fake shot, tripping up the defenders and giving you a precious few seconds to calm your mind, take aim, and fire the ball into the net. Time slows briefly, and the goalie has a lock on you. It would have been too much to handle had you not used the trick shot.


A single, swift kick sends the ball careening into the top left corner of the goal, just out of the goalie’s reach, and the crowd goes wild. Situations like this are not uncommon in regular soccer, but you’ll be facing stress like this even more often in FIFA 23. And none of that would have been possible had the player either forgotten or otherwise failed to use the fake pass move. If you want to have this game-winning special ability in your back pocket for when you need it, this guide will teach you not only how to do it, but also several variations of the move so your opponents can’t catch on to your schemes.


So, when you’re ready to hit the pitch and practice a move that might save your skin, gear up, and let’s get started!



The Fake Shot

As previously described, a fake shot is a devilishly simple move that fools defenders into thinking you’re going to take a shot, causing them to react disproportionately and most likely lose their balance. There are three variations of this move in FIFA 23, and the first one is the standard fake shot.




This version of the move keeps the ball close to you, allowing for greater control. Here is how it is executed:


  • Xbox: B the A button in quick succession


  • PlayStation: Circle then X button in quick succession


  • PC: Left Mouse Button then Right Mouse Button in quick succession



Running Fake Shot

This version gives players the ability to swiftly change directions while in a full sprint:


  • Xbox: B then A while RT is pressed


  • PlayStation: Circle then X while R2 is pressed


  • PC: LMB then RMB while CTRL is pressed



Speed Boost Fake Shot

This version has a longer animation, but has more tactical uses:


  • Xbox: Hold LB, B then A


  • PlayStation: Hold L1, Circle then X


  • PC: Hold Left Shift, LMB then RMB


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