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Empire of Sin – Neighborhood – Synergies

Empire of Sin - Neighborhood - Synergies

Synergies provide a localized bonus, rewarding you with additional benefits when you possess specific combinations of rackets within a neighborhood. These bonuses enhance the revenue generated by those rackets by a certain percentage, and are inspired by poker hand rankings:


  • Straight: Achieve a Straight by having one racket of each type: brothel, speakeasy, casino, and brewery. This results in a 10% increase in revenue.


  • Full House: A Full House requires three rackets of one type and two rackets of another type. This combination boosts your revenue by 7.5%.


  • Three of a Kind: Accumulate three rackets of the same kind to form a Three of a Kind, enhancing your revenue by 5%.


  • Two Pairs: Form Two Pairs by having two different types of rackets, each with a pair (for instance, two brothels and two casinos). This increases your revenue by 2.5%.


  • Five of a Kind: Amass five rackets of the same type to create a Five of a Kind, resulting in a substantial 12.5% boost to your revenue.


Please note that a racket can contribute to only one synergy at a time. Additionally if you have a Hotel in the neighborhood, it will double the bonuses received from synergies.


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