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Empire of Sin – Weapon Types

Empire of Sin - Weapon Types

Equipping your gangsters with the right tools for the job is invaluable. There are a variety of weapons and items available for use in combat in the Empire of Sin. Most importantly, there are six variations of fire-arms, each with its own strengths and limitations:



Weapon Types

  • Handguns: These are your secondary weapons and range from high damage revolvers to low damage but high crit-chance semi-automatic pistols.


  • Shotguns: Primarily a primary weapon type, Shotguns feature the only non-handgun secondary in the form of the Short-Barreled Shotgun. Shotguns offer a unique opportunity with their special ‘Shotgun Blast’ action, a very powerful area-of-effect shot.


  • Submachine Guns: The iconic mobster weapon, the Submachine Gun’s basic fire action will shoot a burst of three rounds at the target, with each round dealing individual damage. Difficult to wield, all Submachine Guns suffer from an inherent Marksmanship penalty.


  • Rifles: Rifles offer flexibility with huge damage and inherent armor damage. Not as powerful or as costly to use as its bigger brother, the Sniper Rifle, the hunting and combat rifles you’ll encounter are fantastic at mid to long-range fights. Perfect for open-ground street fights.


  • Heavy Machine Guns: The Heavy Machine Gun type offers incredibly high firepower and inherent armor damage, with the standard Fire action firing a burst of 5 rounds at the target. However, all HMG costs 2AP to fire, meaning you’ll need to get into position before being able to unload a volley of death at your target of choice. There’s also a hefty penalty to your Marksmanship due to their unwieldy nature.


  • Sniper Rifles: Not much survives a direct hit from one of these monsters (unless they’re wearing body armor, of course). Delivering death from afar, the Sniper Rifle will allow you to keep your distance while delivering devastating attacks. An almost guaranteed one shot on all but the toughest enemies, Sniper Rifles chew through armor-like tissue, leaving heavily armored enemies exposed. The catch? Sniper Rifles are almost useless in short to mid-range fights, suffering a large Marksmanship penalty the closer you are to the target. They are also expensive to fire with a cost of 2AP for their basic Fire action.


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