Empire of Sin – Moles



A gangster can be sent to be a mole in a rival gang. This is done by going to their character sheet and selecting “Make Mole” at the bottom of the screen. You will be given an option of which gang to send them to, and their percentage chance of completing their given task. The task the mole will be sent to complete will be based on the gangster profession.



Below is a list of the different tasks each profession carries out as mole:


  • Hired Gun: Take out rival boss.


  • Enforcer: Steal some cash.


  • Demolitionist: Sabotage one of the target factions’ rackets.


  • Doctor: Plant misinformation. This will make the targeted faction angry at another faction, lowering that faction’s rating with your chosen target.


  • Con Artist: cannot become Moles.


The higher a gangster tier, the better chance they will have of being a successful mole. If your mole is unsuccessful, there is a chance that they will be caught and killed by the targeted faction.


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