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Empire of Sin – All Events Guide

Empire of Sin - All Events Guide

Events are text-based pop-ups that will occur throughout your time in Chicago. A lot of these are tied to how you choose to spend your time in the city, how ruthless you are for instance, how business savvy you are with your rackets, or decisions you have made since you got here. Events can be a single, one-time thing, or can lead to a chain of different pop-ups with different consequences or outcomes depending on how you decide to deal with them.



Boss events

These events are based around you, the boss. As a full-time Boss, these events can crop up at any time of the day or night, and revolve around the decisions you make in the day-to-day running of your empire.



Crew events

Gangsters can be an emotional bunch at times and depending on which ones are working together for your crew, events can arise from how they interact with each other. Some can have shared histories, existing relationships, old gripes, or could even build relationships while under your leadership. Such a melting pot of different personalities means it’s only a matter of time before some event comes up.



Racket events

Tending to the most sordid and social vices of hard-working Chicagoans is always bound to result in a memorable experience or two. Depending on the number or combination of rackets you own, or the level of upgrades they have, certain events will result. How you handle them is completely down to your business acumen, but at the very least, they’re bound to give you a good story.



Neighborhood events

Every neighborhood in Chicago is unique, with its own character to set it apart from the others. Some events are unique to these neighborhoods too and you’ll only encounter them if you have yourself set up in a specific neighborhood. They can be tied to locations in the neighborhood, the locals that live there, or historical events that occur on their streets.



Dynamic events

Every action has a reaction, or so the saying goes right? Well depending on actions you may or may not have taken (Hey, no one’s pointing fingers here), events can occur as a result of your decisions. Maybe you killed the wrong guy, attacked the wrong place, or refused to help someone with a taste for vengeance, there’s a chance it might lead to a dynamic event. Chicago is like an elephant. It’s gray, and it never forgets.



Notoriety events

The more feared and respected you become, the less likely small-time crooks are to go up against you. This means you are less likely to be faced with pesky small-time events like racket robberies. As your notoriety increases, the chance of more prestigious events cropping up – with bigger and better rewards – increases too. All the more incentive for you to make a name for yourself in Chicago as soon as you can.


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