Empire of Sin PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for Empire of Sin.


General Shortcuts & Keybindings

Camera Pan Forward – W

Camera Pan Backward – S

Camera Pan Left – A

Camera Pan Right – D

Camera Zoom In – Z

Camera Zoom Out – X

Rotate View Left – Q or Page Up

Rotate View Right – E or Page Down

Start/Stop Combat – Ctrl

Open Character Sheet – I

World Map Toggle – M

Highlight Interactables – ALT

Pause World – P

Auto-Group – G

Next Character/Target – TAB

Focus on Selected Character – F or Home

Focus on Boss – B

Focus on Primary Safehouse – C

Pass Action in Combat – DEL

Execute Action in Combat – Space or Enter


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