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Empire of Sin – Gangster Relationships

Empire of Sin - Gangster Relationships

Your crew aren’t just meat-sacks awaiting your every command – they’re people with their likes and dislikes and relationships to one another. On the Black Book screen, you can see the relationships between various gangsters – some gangsters like one another and will work well together. Some gangsters despise one another and will refuse to work with one another on principle.


Relationships can also develop over time. Gangsters that spend a lot of time with one another can develop feelings for one another, and those feelings may eventually become romantic. When gangsters are in love with one another, they protect each other in combat. A gangster whose lover is shot in combat may get a bonus shot at their lover’s attacker. Isn’t that sweet?


But it isn’t all sunshine and roses. Some lovers can develop jealous tendencies, and if they find out that another gangster is in love with their object of affection, they might turn violent. Keep a close eye on your crew to prevent any unnecessary bloodshed. Remember that you can always implore crew members to pursue other romantic interests. They might pout for a while, but it’s better than winding up with a dead gangster on your hands.


Empire of Sin - Gangster Relationships


Here are a few tips to make the most of your criminal connections:


  • Hire Low, Aim High – For starters, hire low-tier gangsters with big-time connections. Then, you’ll want to work closely with that gangster, get their loyalty and morale nice and high. That way, you won’t have to wait until you’ve got the notoriety to hire their high-class gangster friend or lover – you can rely on the old-fashioned power of friendship.


  • Start Your Talents Early – When you hire any gangster, make sure you get that first talent cooking right off the bat. The sooner you get your talents going, the sooner you’ll be able to get to those meaty talents further down the tree. That goes for the boss, too. The boss has talents of their own, and you’ll want to make the most of those early in the game so that you can get the payoff later on.


  • Birds of a Feather – You’ll notice as your peruse through backgrounds and descriptions of characters that some of these gangsters have shared pasts. Examples are gangsters that spent time in the Monks’ Family Circus or The Lodge. Hiring multiple gangsters that share history can unlock special events that only trigger when those gangsters are working for the same crew. So keep your eyes peeled, Kingpin.


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