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Empire of Sin – All Favors – Guide

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You can ask for a variety of favors. Other bosses will only give favors to you if you have entered into a business relationship. You can ask for, or be asked for by another boss, for the following:


  • Kill Someone: Ask the other faction to take out a gangster. If that gangster is working for another boss, it could make taking out that boss that little bit easier. Or if you’re feeling brave you can ask them to take out another boss.


  • Put in a Good Word With…: You can ask a boss to put in a good word with another faction that they are friendly with, increasing your faction rating with them.


  • Borrow Money: You can ask to borrow any amount of money. How much a faction is willing to give you is determined by your faction rating and honor.


  • Borrow Alcohol: Borrow a set amount of a certain kind of alcohol. Your faction rating and honor impact whether the boss will agree to do you this favor.


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