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Empire of Sin – Upgrading Rackets

Empire of Sin - Upgrading Rackets

Rackets can be upgraded in the following ways:



How to Upgrade a Racket

  • Word of Mouth: Increases the draw of your racket, bringing in more of the neighborhood’s customers.


  • Ambiance: Makes your rackets snazzier, increasing your profit and upkeep.


  • Deflection: Decreases the chance the Bureau of Prohibition will attack your racket.


  • Security: Adds extra guards to your casino in case a rival gang or the BoP attack.


  • Games (Casino only): Adds extra games to your casino, increasing profits and upkeep.


  • Production (Brewery and Safehouse only): Increases the amount of alcohol your brewery produces.


  • Alcohol Quality (Brewery and Safehouse only): Increases the quality of alcohol the brewery produces.


  • Storage (Brewery only): Increases the number of barrels of hooch your brewery can store.


To upgrade a racket, go to the racket overview screen by clicking on the racket from the street view, by locating the racket in Empire Overview, Finance Info, or Alcohol Info screens, or by clicking the racket icon in the bottom left of the screen while in the racket itself. Click upgrade to spend the money on the upgrade of your choice.


Each upgrade will take a certain amount of in-game time – you can Rush this waiting time, therefore skipping it entirely, by spending an amount equal to half of the price of the upgrade.


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